Meet CodeMate: your personalized AI coding assistant3 min read

Say hi to CodeMate, your personalized AI pair programmer. CodeMate is an AI-powered coding assistant that can perform various tasks for you like writing code, fixing errors in your codebase, reviewing code & much more. Let’s take a deep dive into some of its features:

CodeMate shines at multiple capabilities like:

  • Context: CodeMate gets the entire context of your codebase, using which it offers reliable assistance in tasks like fixing errors, generating test cases, generating new code, etc.
  • Knowledge Base: Knowledge Base is a dedicated storage that allows you to add your existing codebase & ask for insights against it. It’s like having the knowledge of your entire team at disposal! Supported methods include adding your local code, a GitHub repository, or any web-based documentation using a URL.
  • Collaborative sharing: The Knowledge Base can be shared with other users in your team & can contribute to the same. Talk about getting real-time assistance!
  • Assistant (in preview): Our brand-new agent, Assistant feature is here to automate tasks! Just give a goal to the assistant and it will figure out the rest & tap into its vast reservoir of knowledge to generate an end-to-end flow!
  • Powerful integration with VS Code: CodeMate is integrated with VS Code with integrations like Inline options, Code Lenses, Code Actions, which enables one to get assistance right at their fingertips without having to jump to CodeMate Chat.

Take a look at the video to see CodeMate in action 🚀

These capabilities truly set CodeMate apart from other products available on the market. You can out CodeMate to use for following purposes:

  • Generate quality code
  • Debug code
  • Generate test cases
  • Optimize code
  • Code refactoring
  • Chat about other related topics
  • Brainstorm new product ideas with Chat
  • & much more!

CodeMate meets you wherever you are. You can use CodeMate inside Visual Studio Code, CodeMate Web app, & inside your terminal.

  • Visual Studio Code extension: Our Visual Studio Code provides the best access to CodeMate, integrated right inside the best Code editor people love & use! The use cases for the same are covered above.
  • Web App: Our fully featured web app has some cool set of features to try out like the Playground, chat with CodeMate, access your nifty stats, to name a few!
  • CodeMate cli: CodeMate is now in your terminal! We heard you work a lot inside terminal & our aim with CodeMate cli is to provide assistance right inside your terminal environment. It works on any terminal environment like Bash, PowerShell, Command Prompt. Visit our product page to learn more!

We are not stopping here! We ship updates on a regular cadence with new features & improvements to make your flow easier & make CodeMate your trusted partner. We have a freemium pricing where the moment you sign up, you get a limited time free trial of our Individual Pro subscription. This unlocks access to our premium features like Knowledge Base, Web Browsing support in chats & more. We have plans that caters to individuals & organizations alike. The teams tiers add unique feature to organizations to ensure data isolation & cater to other sensitive scenarios one might have.

The CodeMate team is working hard & we love to hear from you! Join us in our Discord community at to share your feedback, chat with other CodeMate users & connect with the team.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today at & start your journey today!